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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

New Season Ahead

So as I've said previously, I'm not currently affiliated with any club due to the fact that I am focusing on American Football with Morecambe Bay Storm and the season starts this weekend coming. As such I will probably be slowing down on here (can it get slower?) so that when I'm not training or playing I can spend time with kids and JT. If you want to follow us live the scores will be on ScoreStream (signal dependent) and I'd imagine on twitter too.

Even still I will keep plodding through with the armies I have and trying to get them done - terrain might be a job to do when we have "messy time" with kids. I have some ruined buildings I want to get painted - some for Frostgrave, others for Italy/Sicily.

Yesterday I received my FeldHerr carry case I've bought for my Bolt Action Force - fits all of what I've got with space left in my figures row as well as over half the space left in the vehicles row. My rulebooks fit in the front so all in all very happy. Also frees up a really useful box which I can use for my Russian 10mm Regiment.

I'm going to put up for sale a few of my bits and pieces - this includes my Dystopian Wars German Fleet plus Zeppelins. and depending on funds raised this may go towards opposing forces for something I've got or something new.

As such, was just looking at Age of Sigmar purely out of curiosity. I like the idea of it all but then I saw the price of the models and was really confused by how you make up your army? As in points value etc? Am I missing something? Minis do look stunning though.

Lobositz is still the focus - still going at this unit by unit - now got 6 Austrian Infantry Regiments done as well as a Grenzer skirmish base. I also would like to play in a DnD campaign - but unless someone is willing to come and DM at my house I really can't see that happening.

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