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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Giving Up Spending

Soooooo, I'm getting towards skintage :( things need to be done.

First of all less spending, this means no buying random crap and less trips to t'pub.

Secondly make more money, this means a lot of modelling needs to be done and as much as possible stuck up on ebay and sold, so watch this space.

At the same time I need to keep occupied and keep in touch with people so I'm thinking my life will basically involve work, playing football and inviting people round to the Trenches "to have fun" modelling/keeping me focused on projects.

Oh and get more pictures on here :)

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Actual Splurge

So, the weirdest thing happened to me tonight, my dad told me he loved me. I'm a bit scared to be honest, its not happened in many a year! It could be bad news or it could be that I told him about how shit my head got last year - woops.

With respect to that time, I messed a lot of things up around then so for those that it applies to - in fact anyone I've done something stupid to; here is a very public apology.

But the future is bright - finally moved out from home, got a job and some plans (not enough really but oh well :p).

So now for the weekend ahead; I'm going to pick up my next commission from home to get worked upon. Watching the rugby, few bevvies at pub and maybe a boardgame if got nothing else (cheap weekend :p).

So as such; Boardgame anyone?