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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Trench tiles

So finally got the first two trench tiles done and dusted along with a group of barbed wire sections and they made their eagerly anticipated debut and the Lancaster Wargames Xmas game. So here they are (Figures painted by Dan Johnson).

Mortar Pit



Monday, 17 December 2012


As a sneaky peak for those playing the Christmas Wargame tomorrow (18th December 2012) here is some pictures of the trench tiles. Hope you enjoy :)

Saturday, 15 December 2012


Now for some very pretty models, unfortunately not either my own work or belonging to me :( but a couple of guys at Lancaster Wargames Club brought this in last week and so I thought I'd give the artist the credit he deserves. Axia-Fish Painting Studio. He is contactable at so if you need models paint to a fantastic standard (particularly large models) get in touch. The pictures speak for themselves so without further a do here they are:

Lizardmen (Teeth!)
Lizardmen Team Photo

Same from further away

Lizardmen Team Photo

Bull Centaur knocked down


Rearing Bull Centaur
Squabble in the corner
Line of Scrimmage
Counter by the Lizards
Bull Centaur blocking the way
So as you can see, very pretty models, seem fairly robust as well. If you have any comments add below or any requests please contact the studio. Later tonight some of my own work and tomorrow that how-to guide to barbed wire.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Something very different . . .

Didn't think I'd be doing this but its awesome . . .  in fact its an alliance of awesomeness . . . no wait thats not quite right - its AXIS OF AWESOME.

Basically many of you may have heard some of the classics like "four chord song" as performed on no less than British Breakfast television no less.

But they've got a new album out and frankly go and give them a go; if you're into classic comics/cartoons (I'm thinking He-Man, Thundercats, Spiderman) especially the theme tunes then you'll love Skeleton Man.

Oh and probably prepare to be offended at some point.

Anyhoo . . after that random interjection in our lives back to regular business. This weekend I am going to be working hard to finish off terrain for the christmas game at my club and as an extra motivation I'm going to do a how-to guide to making Barbed Wire. And if people like it then I will look at Vlogging it. So comment below and subscribe etc and it will make me work harder, make more scenery and think of more. And if you're really interested I am free for commissions - ust give a message and I'll run through some ideas with you and expand the repertoire - (I'm thinking Star Wars Defensive works?).

Monday, 10 December 2012

Tutorial Introduction

Hello Everyone.

So next weekend I'm going to be posting my first tutorial on here :) And if it goes well in blog form I may well take the leap, borrow a camcorder and vlog it.

So anyhoo I shall be posting a step by step guide of how to make WW1 barbed wire sections which I'm hoping you will like.

Before all that I shall be posting my first post game of our clubs new season of bloodbowl. This is the 4th season (I think?) this has been run in a row and I've got a new team this year - Necromancers. I've been wood elves the last three years and ... well basically lets just say I can't roll dice. So you can enjoy the bloodbath as I hopefully scrape a result of some sort.

Well see you soon :)

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Rain - aka not Ideal

So I really meant to finish off my 1st commission tonight but the rains have come big style. Really need to move oot :p

Bikes live in the garage where I work so they need moving to the other shed whilst its wet but I ain't going out in that. So I'm getting snow trousers tomorrow :)

I'll get pics out there asap especially as I've only got til a week tuesday to finish the first couple for the Lancaster Wargames Christmas Game (Last Years Game) 2012.

In the meanwhile I'm sorting all the papers I've previously done and spreading the boardgames fun across the waves. So just to spread it even more, if you fancy playing boardgames in Lancaster in the near future then comment :)

Also for further self plugging I'm on twitter @EnigmaRawsy

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Starting Again

One of the main reasons I've started this now is that I finally have a working computer again. So I'm restarting on Lord of The Rings Online. This is based in the world of Middle-Earth (Obvious fact is obvious). Basic game is free (YAY :D) with extra bits and quests available for a fee.

And rather than guilds, when working together its called fellowships. Ok so gonna get into it, and I'll see you on there.

On a similar note, if anyone has any other MMORPGs they can suggest I'm well up for trying anything and I may review it.

Change of Plans

So, slight change of plans.

We've finally got the password back for the club blog so I'll be posting game reports played at the club to there. But everything else will still be here.

So later on today I'll be posting my summary of last nights game at the club at And maybe some pics of my current commission on here.

Monday, 3 December 2012


Hello Internet!

Inspired by the brilliant flog and saskminigamer I'm here to put my point of view across about many subjects. I'm a historical wargamer from the north west of England and varied gamer.

I've been primarily a strategy gamer but in recent years I've started getting into boardgames with a bunch of mates as well as playing a more varied selection of games including mmorpgs and fps's.

Anyhoo, from now on I'll be publishing pics and reports from my Tuesday adventurers, random reviews of stuff I come across as well as pictures of my own creations.