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Thursday, 30 March 2017


Been a while since posted; away at the weekend and still trying to recover stuff from flooded shed. Ordered a new carry case for my Fallschirmjager from Feldherr which should be with me Monday (should give me motivation to at least get 750 points worth painted).

Speaking of Fallschirmjager I've got a couple of squads half done and I finished off my Sniper team. Pictures are crap - couldn't get camera on phone to focus properly sorry.

Jeez, they look even worse on here - in reality the bases have come out really well with variations of colour - have to get my actual camera out at some point.

3 More Regiments
Last night I also did a bit more work on my Austrians once the kids had gone to sleep; my plan is to split each session I get now in half - some on my Lobositz forces and the other on either my Fallschirmjagers, Frostgrave or Vietnam stuff just to keep me going.

I've also ordered a couple more bags of bits from Baccus before their price rise towards end of April, get your orders in fast!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Sch'yyrk Revan'tyl

I've finally got a mini for Sch'yyrk and his back story has changed a little so here it is.
Converted Mini from Frostgrave 
This was a mini I got in a Nickstarter for the Barbarians Frostgrave set - I'm regretting choosing it for this in some ways - it looks like I wanted Sch'yyrk to look except it was a woman who I've modded (with a craft knife). Now I don't care too much about that except I've got so few female minis for Frostgrave or DnD that converting one probably wasn't sensible - I'll just have to find a pack of female adventurer's online. I've also converted the (I assume) wand into a pretty vicious looking shortsword. This mini will represent Sch'yyrk out of the sun (I will be keeping my eye out for a similar model but with a heavy hood up.

The mini will have dark skin with dirty white hair, the cloak will be grey/green mottled with tan boots. A snow wolf pelt hangs around his neck.

He is now a Rogue using the Criminal background (in reality a Spy, who will evolve into an Assassin).

Sch'yyrk was brought up under the Weapon Master of a minor house, specializing in stealth and subterfuge. He always queried the way of things (for which he has received many bruises and scars) but excelled in his training.

The "Drizzt"incidents set in motion the events which have led Sch'yyrk here. Sent out to find the "traitor" and any others who  have followed the same path, Sch'yyrk discovered an abandoned camp of Drow who had fled and found teachings of the goddess Eilistraee. This discovery as well as finding the surface world to be totally unlike that taught to him back in Menzoberranzan, have led him to turning his back on the teachings of the Dark Seldarine.

Tale of Three Armies

So I've currently got 3 Forces that I'm working on at the moment although I'm also going to go through my 10mm stuff and see what I've got there too, due to the shed flood issues.

Got a few bits done last night but I'll show some more pictures of these once I've got a decent amount finished. Closest to finished is my Prussian Army - just short commanders and some Kuirassiers and Dragoons.
Prussian Army
I have also started on my Austrians to oppose these, and I've already got all of the Artillery done - ALL OF IT (2 stands).
2 Regiments of Austrian Infantry and the 2 Units of Artillery I need.
Finally I have my Bolt Action force. Everything to the left of the armour is done so I reckon I'm about a quarter of the way through.
Although its not a priority, I had a bit of a go at my StuG last night (getting nowhere near a 750 point list), heavily washed in brown and I'm going to give a light green too I think. Decals go on and then its going to be sand glued to tracks and road wheels before a lot of drybrushing.

I then need to get myself a decent carry case.

Next up - the return of Sch'yyrk.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Hundred Up!

So One Hundred posts on here for a blog I keep primarily for myself, albeit its nice to know people are looking :). I've no pictures to show you; life has been hectic at moment and I've been doing (as I keep promising) more of a production line on my work (although not the most effective).

Having said all that I should have a fair few bits to show soon as well as news that I will hopefully doing the Lobositz game this summer, so a reason to keep going with it. I also hope to be playing bolt action soon - although working my list out - I've realised I may not have the figures witht he right equipment.

Also going to get my MDF buildings based and painted - need to make fairly generic as meant to be for both Frostgrave and South Italy - might be pushing that one!

Finally, I've decided on my OPFOR for Bolt Action against my Fallschirmjager as US Combat Engineers - basing it around 16th Engineer Battalion (1st Division) - although with the flexibility to remove the M3s and use as Engineers from an Infantry Division.

US Combat Engineer Platoon (16th Armored Engineers) - 10 Dice
All Regular
2nd Lt + Buddy
1st Squad: NCO (SMG), 1 BAR, 8 Rifles
2nd Squad: NCO (SMG), 1 BAR, 8 Rifles
2 x MMG Teams
1 Bazooka Team
2 x M3 H/Track (Both with 1 addtional MMG)
1 Jeep
1 2 1/2 Ton Dump Truck

So its a case of spotting bargains and building up slowly (based around the Armoured Fist box set). I also intend to do a Sherman Dozer to maintain the theme when I go to 1000+ points.

As per usual, let me know what you think.

Friday, 10 March 2017

From the Tallest to the Smallest

Last night I got on with a few bits, and I'm quite pleased with the results albeit I need to start production lining and getting stuff done for both armies.
Scale Variations
So as previously shown, I was working on my Fallschirmjager 8cm Mortar and I got this done. Meant to represent Southern Italy hence the dusty ground.
The stages of the basing went: 
  1. Polyfilla to give weight and texture
  2. Grassy patches attached (sticky bases)
  3. Sand mix glued on
  4. Models and base washed
  5. Dry brushed base and boots

Whilst the stages of this were drying I got in with more Lobositz bits. I already have 2 Grenadier units for the Prussians but the first one I did weren't there. As I have 4 units worth of models I figured I may as well dot he right ones and so here they are.
5/20 Grenadiers
I also completed one of the 2 bases of Austrian Artillery required.

Playing DnD on Saturday so doubt I'll get much painted although I may try and get a few bits done tonight if I've got everything sorted.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

WIP Fallschirmjager 8cm Mortar

Not much more to show you but I did do a quick half hour session starting on my Austrian Artillery as well as continuing with my Fallschirmjager.

Still needs wash and drybrush applying as well as the base doing (should get done tonight if dry) but looks good. Also a really hefty weight with the metal figures and polyfilla base.

Looks like this weekends DnD is off unless someone else can join in (be warned that is a beginner level game).

Monday, 6 March 2017

Storage Needed

Another update; damaged my shoulder at weekend (no idea how but stabbing pains aren't good for Football or painting), so a week missing training ahead (not happy).
Need some bigger storage
Having said all that, the missus was down at Watford all weekend to visit Harry Potter World so after fun filled days with the kids I managed to get a bit more painting done. Finished off the last of the Prussian Infantry I need and got an Austrian unit done. Still got Prussian Dragoons and I need to order some more Kuirassiers.
Austrian 1st Infantry Regiment
Couple of things realised; Austrians will have Imperial Yellow colours for odd numbered regiments and white for even (for variety; there is more odd numbered at Lobositz so still majority Yellow).
Also how little infantry (or how much cavalry?) did the Prussians have had Lobositz; including the Grenadiers that is 13 stands of infantry as opposed to about the same Cavalry!
I also am running out of bases - fortunately I ordered a load more last week and hopefully will have enough then.
The remaining bases
Trying to arrange a D&D night but no go as yet. Got a group we're doing Lost Mines of Phandelver with - otherwise I want to start a campaign doing either Hoard of Dragon Queen or Storm King's Thunder if anyone is interested on a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or at a push Sunday night in Lancaster (comment below).

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

2 More Down

I'm sure you're sick of these now - units are coming out looking very similar (slight variations unit to unit in lapels/turnbacks/cuffs and colours) but I am moving along. I've now got just one Infantry Regiment to do for Lobositz and one Grenadier Regiment.
30th Infantry Regiment
Last night I got 2 more done and they were the 30th Infantry and the 7th Infantry - who I've been putting off due to them having pink lapels etc and me not having pink paint (finally just mixed some up).
3rd Infantry Regiment
So after those 2 being completed I have 10 Infantry Regiments.
BR: 17,20,21,27,30
FR: 3,5,7,9,13

So I'm getting there; just a few bits left - not sure if I'm going to get some Dragoons done or maybe start on the Austrians which I managed to spraycoat a batch of last night. Alternatively I may well go back to my Bolt Action Fallschirmjagers to mix it up.
Infantry, Grenadiers and Artillery, Cavalry
Final thing to mention, I'm undecided both on when and how I'm going to base these - I might get the texture on the Prussians once I'm finished with them just to give some extra protection (especially to the artillery which have the wheels hanging in the air on some of the models.