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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Wargaming Back on the Blog

With the revival of this blog, a concerted effort is simultaneously going to be put in on the Lancaster Wargames Club Blog with battle reports etc. And lots of pretty picatures - to wet your appetite here is the situation mid game.
Soviet Armour massing to breach the German Lines - Late '43
Any comments or queries will be happily received.


Monday, 2 March 2015

British WW2 Gliders

So finally getting around to indexing my current troops.

First of all here are my scratch built gliders for my British Airborne Division. Just a few matchsticks glued together, cut to shape make the glider itself.
Painted all in black then the top half was painted in dark green. This was followed with the brown before the white stripes were added. Finally I retouched up the black and added the black stripes on the white.

The models I feel are effective if not perfectly accurate. I use these for gaming with my 10mm models, although they are probably closer to 6mm or even smaller. I will eventually post the orbat but for more information on the Horsa and Hamilcar Gliders please click on the names.

Next time; 1st Brigade