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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

What Is Next?

Following D&D last Friday, I'm now trying to work out what is next. I have a few bits I could do both for myself as well as to clear some space.

  • Finish WW2 Germans that I have
  • Paint up my 2nd Canadian Infantry Brigade.
  • 6mm Prussian 7YW
  • Falklands War Paratroopers
  • Vietnam War
  • Frostgrave
  • Dystopian Wars Prussian Forces (Will be for sale)
  • Masses of 1/72 Plastic Napoleonics (For Sale)
  • Mass of Plastic WW2 Kits
  • 20" Square Trench Tile for 28mm
So what do people think? I want to clear space especially of the stuff at my parents house and raise enough cash to complete my own forces and put towards a few other bits. So if anyone has any of this on a wishlist let me know as well as any other projects you don't have time to complete especially scenery. This also applies to other models or crafting projects as well as research for orbats.

Similarly if anyone has a good idea of how I can advertise myself then advise would be gratefully received.

Monday, 22 February 2016

The Lost Mines of Phandelver - Part 1

So it began. Finally got BM, CC, MS, JT and a substitute for EK to come around and start to play D&D. On a cold Friday night, we gathered around the table and played for a while.

Started off with explaining characters, looking at sheets for each player, picking spells, ordering food and picking minis. Characters are so much simpler than 4e and the new more brutal combat hopefully should lead to more imaginative ways to get around obstacles.
Sword Coast (© Wizards of the Coast)
So we set out with Gendrick the Dwarf Cleric, Vida the Elf Wizard, Benjamin the Human Noble Fighter, Laretia (Larry) the Human Folk Hero Fighter and Kaley the Halfling Rogue, escorting a wagon to the town of Phandalin from Neverwinter on behalf of a Dwarf named Gundar who has set off ahead with his escort Sundar.

Shortly after turning off the main coast road, the company spot two dead horses on the road and 4 goblins jump out plugging a few of our heroes with arrows. A brief skirmish ensues in which most of our heroes do.. well nothing. Larry plugged two with her own longbow (+7 to attack rolls helps) and Benjamin javelins one before slapping the final goblin into unconsciousness.
Benjamin in Victory (Technically should have a Greataxe)
Upon interrogating the Goblin the party discovered that whilst Gundar had been taken to the Goblin King, the huuuman was being held in the "eating cave". Another threat led to the goblin promising to show the party the way along a path hidden behind a thicket.

A short break ensued wherein our party hid the ox and cart, healed up, and whilst Vida, Kaley and Larry were out of the room, Benjamin gutted the goblin to the horror of the others (Lawful Good?).

Our session ended with the party finding the cave (after narrowly avoiding traps along the way), springing the goblin ambush at the entrance when Benjamin started singing whilst crossing the river. Unfortunately in the ensuing melee, Kaley was knocked unconscious.

So what will happen next; will our adventurers find Sildar, what awaits us in Phandalin, will Kaley survive (or indeed be renamed)?!?

Friday, 19 February 2016

A Few Firsts

Its only 2 models but for me its a couple of firsts;

  • 1st time I've used a wash on a model - don't use them on my 10mm models and I didn't use them on my 20mm plastic Napoleonics.
  • 1st time I've painted up larger scale skirmish models - again only previous models which weren't 10mm or smaller were my Napoleonics.
  • 1st completed fantasy models. Planned lots of armies and things - never actually gone for it.
Anyhoo here they are - 2 completed Goblins for tonight (will be backed up by more part painted ones). Awful pictures but they were taken in a rush with my phone camera in bad light.
I'll get better photos up when I've done them all and based them. I'm doing the breast plates in gunmetal whilst the leather parts are a multi layer of tan and browns.
I'll try get pictures up of what happens tonight...

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A Sign of Things to Come

Having two children under the age of 2 is proving to be very restrictive in terms of painting time - especially now that the boy is old enough to get bored in his play pen and both of them are ill.
However I am hosting a D&D game on Friday (using the 5e Starter Box) with MS, CC, JT, BM and EK (Initials used to kind of hide identity) for which I really need to get a few minis at least made if not painted fully.

I'm using a combination of D&D minis as well as my Frostgrave stuff and even some donkeys from my Vietnam War Stuff but for the baddies I need to get a few bits and bobs glued together (and preferably sprayed). So that is my mission this week. Work, care for sick kiddies/clean house, put boy to bed, paint. Somewhere in there I need to do some training up for American Football Rookie Day too (sit ups and baby bench press).

All of this whilst eating cheap and healthy...

Thursday, 11 February 2016

February Update

Don't worry! I'm still painting, still playing boardgames (may have been distracted by Minecraft) but still doing bits (undercoated my Paras for Falklands War for example).

Still thinking away about Game of Thrones "Stag Rampant" game but to an extent put on hold until save up for an army and DW decides where his thoughts are.

Also been listening/watching a lot of Acquisitions Incorporated which if you haven't done then give it a go (all on youtube). However this has made me want to play D&D again (don't know anyone else really whose into it but trying to organise a game presently). So armed with my 5e starter box (which has a much more involved campaign associated with it) a handful of miniatures and my dungeon tiles I'm ready to run it. Just need 3-5 players and we can go!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Slightly Silly Army List

So I've been playing around with research and ideas for "Stag Rampant!" and as a bit of a variety I thought of making a "Crannogmen" army list. Crannogmen come from "the Neck" - a narrow strip of land which divides the North from the rest of Westeros. It is Howland Reed or accompanies Ned Stark at the end of the War of the Usurper to King's landing and is potentially the only one alive who knows who Jon Snow truly is.

For anyone who has played Lion or Dragon Rampant you will be aware of the unit types - if not there is a short description.

It is quoted that Greywater Watch - the castle of the Reed family has no men at arms or Maesters - which immediately removes 2 potential units from the list. Fighting in mostly boggy, broken terrain, cavalry would be limited and so the following list is suggested.

1 x Expert Foot Serjeant* (Formed Infantry with Hand Weapons)
1 x Fierce Foot (Berserker types)
1 x Foot Yeomen with Javelins (Lesser Quality Formed Infantry with spears and javelins)
1 x Archers
3 x Bidowers (Skirmisher Types)

Yes that is 3 units of Bidowers. In an open battlefield this force would be destroyed but in a campaign this force could be extremely useful as a harassing force or to hold and ambush in tricky terrain in a multiple retinue battle.

Any thoughts?