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Monday, 25 January 2016

British Paratroopers and Canadian Infantry

So here are my WW2 Paratroopers and Canadian Infantry - based upon 1st British Airbourne and 3rd Canadian infantry Respectively.

The support elements are interchangeable (at the moment)as I don't have enough for both - eventually I intend to have enough to field both divisions concurrently but at the moment either my Canadians represent the Air Landing (Glider) Brigade or the Paras represent standard infantry.
British/Commonwealth Forces
I had organised my Parachute Battalions as having 4 companies each as per standard infantry however I now believe that the Paras only had 3 companies per battalion. I will leave this as is until I get the other parachute brigade - this also means that I can use them for standard infantry in the meanwhile.
1st Parachute Brigade
1st Parachute Battalion
2nd Parachute Battalion - Lt. Col. John (Anthony Hopkins)  Frost Commanding
3rd Parachute Battalion
I have played around with a few rule variants for these in terms of the drops but haven't finalised as yet - once I do I will post them. For our Spearkrieg rules, I count the Paras as SMG armed Rifles - so 5 attack at 3" - 4 attack at 6".
Canadian Infantry Brigade (Probably 7th)
In various states of basing, the uniforms of the Canadians are identical to British Infantry but greener. I have enough left to field at least one more brigade, maybe more and I will complete the Division eventually.
Brigade HQ Stands
The equivalent of Regimental commands in other armies.
Engineer Squadrons
British (Commonwealth) forces are not the easiest to work out what is what interchanging regiment, battalion, brigade, company and squadron for various different units. I then have numerous support elements which can be attached to either.
Heavy Machine Guns
6 pdr Anti Tank Guns
17 pdr Anti Tank Guns
Then a few purely for my Paratroopers. I have some artillery support as well as some jeeps complete with appropriate berets. To represent the transport I have scratch built some gliders out of matchsticks.
Pack 75mm Howitzers. Not a massive punch but can't fit much in a glider.
Airbourne Jeeps
"This signpost looks funny sir!"
So that is it so far, I hope to be able to field both of these as division sized forces separately and in unfinished models I'm a good chunk of the way.

British Armour!

Again had these painted for a while but finally got round to posting these. Got another squadron of Churchills but haven't finished basing them along with a Crocodile.
British Heavy Armour
I've organised the formation into a regiment of 3 squadrons - 3 Churchill Mk7s and 1 Mk8 to each squadron. As with all my WW2 forces, they are Pendraken - lovely models but if I ever do an actual armoured formation (Panzer Division etc)  I would probably use Skytrex miniatures - cost a lot less and don't take up quite such a large amount of space on the table - these are BIG models.
Regimental HQ
Not quite sure how often I'll use this stand - usual practice was to split the squadrons in a supporting role amongst attacking Infantry Divisions.

I may redo the names on the sides of the tank as it was originally done with acrylic and has badly rubbed so the names are unreadable. The individual squadrons have the squadron markings in yellow on the turrets - circles, squares (and triangles).
Side View
I also have (as part of Canadian Infantry Division) a couple of M10 Tank Destroyers. Eventually, I will post the division in full once its completed.

I'm not overly impressed with these - no crews and less detail than I have seen on others. However they are more than adequate and when I'm fielding 3rd Canadian Infantry they won't have much armour to be compared to.

Coming Up: I've got my British and Canadian Infantry to post and I'm still musing over Game of Thrones - working title is currently Stag Rampant.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Late World War 2 German

So, these aren't new models but I want to find out exactly what I've got and organise it. So here in part 1 is the rest of my German Infantry forces, this time late war.
3 Rifle Regiments
First up, a full strength Fallschirmjager Regiment with additional support elements. These were really fun to paint (if a bit fiddly).
1st Battalion
The paint scheme was (something like); Grey helmet, dark green trousers, light green smock with dark green and brown camouflage. As I said bit fiddly but a bit of a break from the mundane. (Hopefully DPM should work similarly).
Regimental HQ
As per usual I made the antennae with spare paint brush hairs. Might upgrade to steel bars if I ever get the urge.
2nd Battalion
3rd Battalion
I've seen various orbats so excluding the battalion 8cm Mortars, I have kept the assets separate. 
120cm Mortars
Pak 40 7.5cm Anti Tank Guns
15cm Infantry Guns
10.5cm Artillery with FOO
Also available are some Corps assets. With some of these I've played around with the basing a bit (especially to protect StuG barrels).

Flak 36 8.8cm Anti Aircraft
StuH '42
Also I have a significantly understrength Infantry Regiment with minimal assets. These were bought for games in Netherlands when the German Army was putting anything into the line to hold the gap.

I will flock these at some point, and the Pak 40 (from Skytrex) will probably be upgraded.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A Song of Fire and Ice - Concept Review

Ok, so so far I have looked at three of the houses involved in Robert's Rebellion (War of the Usurper). However I'm going to pause at this point until I get a rough idea of what rules we're looking at. So far I've had a sneaky look at conceptual idea for converting:

  • Warmaster Ancients
  • Saga
  • Lion Rampant
I have also had a quick think over what sort of armies to use (using concepts discussed on other forums).

Westerosi - French Medieval Army (More Cavalry for Tyrrell, higher tech levels for Lannister)
Stark - Scot Army
Wildlings - Celts
Greyjoy - Vikings
Martell - Hispanic/Almoravid
Dothraki - Mongol

Obviously this will be dependent on the rule set so DW lets make a decision.

Monday, 11 January 2016

A Song of Fire and Ice - Concept Part 3 (Targaryens)

Image result for targaryen
Targaryen Emblem

Part 3 is a bit trickier. Having not appeared as yet on the TV series, we've not really seen the Targaryen Forces. For now I will take the ideas used by "Mount and Blade" mods and base it on this. If this doesn't work for DW then I'll try again. Suggestions for this one are requested please.

Targaryen Sergeant - "Mount and Blade"
All of the mods seem to use kite shields. Again a rough orbat would be more preferable to work out exactly what is wanted but for now I'm going to suggest the European Mid Medieval Spearmen for the infantry.
For light cavalry could use European Late Medieval Hobilars which match the infantry.

I have been asked to make the knights a bit heavier and "fancier". So I was thinking maybe some Roman Clibinarii. This is obviously personal taste so take it as you will.
Heavy Cavalry
I think the heavy cavalry may be taste dependent so I'll leave that out there. Finally, the army would potentially need Dragons (period dependent) which Pendraken do do some of.

Flame Breathing Dragon

1er Reiter Regiment

So this has been a while in coming and is still missing a few bits but pretty much done. This is 1er Reiter Regiment from 1st Cavalry Division for Operation Barbarossa. Based up for house rules Spearkrieg Commander.
Just missing from this list are; Engineers, Mortars and a HMG.
1er Reiter

As the formation primarily fought as mounted cavalry (as well as to cheapen the build) I have based the "Rifle" platoons as 1 cavalry model and 2 infantry.
Regimental HQ
Regimental HQ is still missing the engineer platoon and I may get transport (normally I just show that the unit is being towed by turning the unit around) for towed units.
Battalion Formation
I may also add some foliage to some of the gun teams to add a bit extra.
Rifle Platoons
Not sure how far I want to go with this force, it only existed in Divisional strength during Battle of France and Operation Barbarossa - in Poland it was Brigade strength and from 1942 onwards it reformed as a Panzer Division. Still its a bit of a different force and got me in the mood to paint 10mm cavalry (maybe my Carthaginian Army might get a look in?).

Friday, 8 January 2016

A Song of Fire and Ice - Concept Part 2 (Lannisters)

Next on the list is the Lannisters - or at least the forces directly under Lannister banners (bannermen may well be armed/armoured differently).
House Lannister banner

The uniform has been noted as being Samurai like so I've tried to focus on that and to be honest seems right. Possibly missing visor pieces but at this scale does that matter for the standard troops? Especially if say they were based quite closely together?
Lannister Armour
Katana's are obviously too long but would take little effort to shorten to a suitable length.
Sword Armed Infantry
I also think that the shoulder guards would need reducing but the cheek plates give a similar look to the visor when opened so this would be ok. Again these are available armed with sword, spear or longbow as well as mounted versions. so would probably cover all main troops involved.

An alternative (or possibly a mix of the two would be to use some of the European Late Medieval Range.

Dismounted Knights
These guys could just have a cut put down the middle of the visor and could therefore look like visor closed options.

The only character that you may need a different figure for (yet again comes when its War of Five Kings) would be Tyrion (I'll look at Kingsguard in another post for Jaime).

Pendraken do have a dwarf range but have no pictures, the hill dwarves range is illustrated and the closest I see would be possibly the sword armed Dwarf. Obviously the sword would need modding to be an axe and the beard carving off.