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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Eldritch Horror, And General Update

So still haven't got internet at home .... grrrr! SO still no pictures. However I'm going to try and remedy this soon. Last night 5 of us had a go at Eldritch Horror at Lancaster Wargames Club. I've played Elder Sign loads, and I own Arkham Horror (although I've still not dared to give it a go tbh) as well as a copy of the Necronomicon.
Was good - the mechanics worked really well and it was a good fun game mixed in with discussions of Frostgrave (game report in a couple of weeks). We were facing Azathoth and although we ran out of time had nearly completed 2 of the 3 challenges to defeat him. Love the condition cards - especially when I flipped an agreement condition to discover that another player was dead - no save - just dead, handily dropping all her items right next to me.

Definitely one I will consider getting myself in the future.

Next week will be another practice game of Savage Worlds and I will try to get some pictures up.