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Monday, 30 November 2015


I know there has been a gap but I promise I've been busy. My German Cavalry is really coming on and should have pictures by end of week. If anyone has any ideas for scenarios in the Pripet Marshes they would be appreciated.
In meanwhile me and JT have been playing plenty of boardgames and at the moment Pandemic is turning out to be a favourite. For those who don't know its a co-op game, where we are part of the CDC trying to save the world from 4 diseases - and we did at our second attempt of the night. In the first game mind we lost when blue erupted - running out of blue counters and hitting max outbreaks on the same turn!
Yes thats blue in Buenos Aires.
Plans for future: Keep painting Cavalry, Frostgrave Warband, Vietnam Stuff. Make some swamp/marsh terrain. Try some new boardgames - need volunteers to join us for Arkham Horror and/or Game of Thrones.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Frostgrave Game 2

Bit of a delay but hey.  So ended up playing a Frostgrave against MD at the club. Didn't tkae many pictures and a week in past now but I'll remember what I can.

Again rolled for The Keep but this time there was just 2 of us - both with a games experience behind us. However MD had got a lot more from his game and his Summoner Warband frightened me with Templars and numerous items.

Again in pregame I rolled my potion so ended with a demon - which this time I summoned.
My warband sneaks forward
The game was close - his possessed Templar was worrying but I managed to keep myself in it through mass castings of strength and enchant weapon on my thugs which I was willing to throw away.

Demon confronts the Possessed, Glowing Templar
Eventually  (through annoying use of telekinesis) MD got 4 treasures and I got 2. Katla the Warhound died but everyone else was ok, I think MD just lost an archer. Fortunately I rolled amazingly afterwards and got 200gc and 2 grimoires! Just need to pick my 2 level ups.

Tonight will either be another Frostgrave or Crescent and Cross. And with my shed cleared - huzzah! Should have a mass sweep on painting - may have unearthed my 1941 German Cavalry Division.