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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Austrian Army at Lobositz

So a year plus in the making; my Austrian Army is finished! (I've run out of static grass at the moment or the Prussians would be finished too). Before I begin - making both armies from scratch for a battle by yourself is a big ask (especially alongside Family, Work and American Football).
Austrian Army ready to go
I decided to keep it simple on the bases - I had had thought of trees, fences etc but I figured that they'd look better by selves (Exception may be the Grenzers). All in all I'm really pleased with how its worked out.
The force is divided into 3 blocks of infantry, a cavalry division (which can be split in 2 between division and corps commanders) as well as an unusual formation in the advanced guard. On the defensive (which I assume it will be at Lobositz) its going to be a hard nut to crack.
FM v Browne and Grenzers
I decided to identify my command levels by bases size as well as number of figures. So the the CiC has a large base and 4 figures. I'll also have the data strips attached to the back edge of the units.
Advanced Guard
This really is an unusual formation and it feels like a weird use of some of the forces available - that is half the artillery and half the grenadiers! Backed up by a mix of cavalry, it will be interesting to see how this operates in Volley and Bayonet.
Lacy's Infantry
This is the first of the blocks of Infantry - a manageable size with artillery to back it up. The divisional commanders are just the 2 figures.
Kollowrat's Infantry Corps
This feels like a big block of a force with 10 stands of Infantry. It is a good job that the infantry all have dedicated guns because otherwise they would be awfully exposed. The Corps commander at he front (you may have guessed) has 3 figures.
Luchesse's Cavalry Corps
Its described as a corps but its made up of 1 division. I'm not sure if this will be kept as a mass or split in 2 between corps and division commander.

Sorry about picture quality - was just excited to get these up. May well retake these outside when get a chance.

For those interested in how I based these;
  1. Glue to bases in formation
  2. Polyfilla (cheap equivalent) around stands to smooth into bases, add weight as well as texture.
  3. Paint base brown
  4. Stickle paint green onto base - good opportunity to cover any spots you've missed/paint has been absorbed by plaster. Be warned you will ruin a brush doing this.
  5. Dry brush a cream/bone colour over bases.
  6. Static grass.
Nice and simple and I think gives a good result. Soon to come; the Prussians as well as a game report on Rommel at end of month.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Oh So Close

So I genuinely am making progress and I have now just got 3 stands of cavalry left, as well as about 5 command bases. I've even cut the bases for the town sectors. Pictures will be available soon...

Also news about Morecambe Bay Storm, we finished the season 5-4-1, I've got to admit I was out injured for the last few games and in our play-off quarter final we lost to an excellent team in the Shropshire Revolution. All in all an excellent season and we hope to bounce back even stronger next year (albeit I personally need a lot of work still doing on my shoulder). If you want to give it a go then we have a rookie day on the 8th October - come try it out.

In other news I have also got arriving soon Flashpoint: Fire Rescue. This was recently on Tabletop (although they didn't seem to last very long?). SO I'll review this and show you pictures in action.

Finally (in this fast paced piece) I am also looking to buy Rommel by Sam Mustafa when it is released. I already have a good amount of 10mm WW2 models and if it works it could be possible to build up to some of the huge battles of WW2 including Operation Market Garden, Leningrad, D-Day or the Bulge! Already looking at a grid marked battlemat (although unsure which sized squares to buy).

Friday, 30 June 2017

Star Realms

Since seeing this on Tabletop, JT and I have been playing this 3 games at a time pretty much every other night. It's addictive. But last night something happened which I thought I'd quickly share:

Before I show you, let me tell you how Star Realms works. Starting with a basic deck you recruit new units to improve you deck so that you can defend yourself and attack with increasing ferocity. Each turn you draw 5 cards (this is the key point) and then recruit, attack and use any other abilities those cards my include. One of these abilities is to draw more cards, in some cases 2 cards.

Somehow JT ended up with the below as her hand on one turn:
Yes that is 16 cards 
I was on the verge of victory before this :(

In other news, I've completed the last Hussar base for the Austrians; now just got Dragoons and Kuirassiers. Hopefully will get somewhere with those tonight.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Update (19/06/2017)

Its been a while. Life has taken over, and to be honest I'm getting a bit ground down by this project. So last night I had a review to see how much more I have to do. And its good news! (Blank Tiles show where units are missing).

Prussian Army at Lobositz:
Frederick's Army
Army Assets

Prinz von Preussens's Infantry Corps

von Gessler's Cavalry Corps
So I have 3 Kuirassier Regiments and a Dragoon Regiment as well as the command bases.

Austrian Army at Lobositz:

von Browne's Army
Army Assets (Grenzers)
von Hadik's Advance Guard
Lacy's Infantry Corps

Kollowrat's Main Infantry Corps

Luchesse's Cavalry Corps
So 5 combat stands here; 1 Hussar Regiment (nearly finished), 1 Kuirassier Regiment and 3 Dragoon Regiments.

So all in all, 9 combat stands and then all of the command stands. Feel a lot better now and already started planning the terrain out. Will also try and post more.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

5th (Prussian) Dragoon Regiment

So, I need to get all the Austrians out so I can show off all the Infantry I've been doing but last night I painted up the 5th Dragoons. I think they've come out alright (got to be honest I'm flagging now) and I like the alternative basing formation to identify them.

I think the colour has come out ok and the various horse colours give it sufficient variety. Only two more of these to do, three Cuirassiers and command stands and the Prussians are all painted! With the Austrians not far behind (significantly less cavalry), basing is in view.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Not so good.

The less said about this weekends game the better. We just didn't turn up with our heads on right and Gateshead really did and gave us a pasting. Need to pick ourselves up and go again in a fortnights time.

In painting news (which is what most of you are bothered about) I have really cracked on with my Austrians and I now just have one more Infantry Regiment and they are done. The two grenadier regiments have been painted up in the colours of 3 different regiments present.

I'm also halfway through doing the three regiments of Prussian Dragoons which for some reason I've ignored up until this point.

Will try and get some better pictures up soon.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Morecambe Bay Storm On a Roll

So I had fully expected to have a slightly down post today about how we'd given Terriers a good game but we'd lost after fatigue slowly set in.
Not sure about that tackling position
Photo courtesy of Steve Layfield
Well I can't say that because (despite a few nerves near the end), we got a 22-20 victory up in Ulverston and with it a 2 and 0 record heading into our 1st home game next week against the Senators. Two touchdowns by Dion Feather and one from Adam "Boo-Boo" Horrobin along with a defensive safety gave us a nervy win.

I can honestly say this was a much better feeling than the other week against Lightning - that felt like a done deal at half time. This time it went right down to the wire with Tom Smith recovering the fumbled snap to finally kill off the game so the relief led to more emotion at the end; this backed up by the fact we lost twice to Walney last year without scoring a point as well and my missus and youngest being there to support me!
Goal Line Defence
Photo by Dave Nicholls
Today I feel battered and bruised - I played all but one play at Right End - definitely prefer it at Safety but any game time is good game time and had fun. Don't think I made any big whiffs - its hard to tell if you're doing a good job if you're on contain. Couple went outside but not much, have to wait until see game tape. Game report to follow on MBS Facebook and web page.