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Monday, 27 February 2017

Post Weekend

Another Regiment done (27th I think this time) and I've got a couple more most of the way there.
Prussians WIP
Saturday me and the missus played a couple of games of Ticket to Ride, both of which were really close. Looking forward to giving this the 4 player treatment it deserves.

Then Sunday it was back to Morecambe Bay Storm after not being able to go for various reasons. Still a bit short of babysitter help (missus is off to Harry Potter World next weekend the lucky duck) so can't make next Sunday but I'm there again tonight and hope to arrange to get the odd Wednesday in if I can persuade my mum to have the kids. I promise I'm not palming them off by the way :P

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Prussian Army Update

This is taking a while - with an hour here and an hour there though I'm getting there. I've done the other 2 artillery batteries and have added colours to another 3 Infantry Regiments. So I'm getting there and I've prepped the Austrians ready for undercoating. Also realised that I'm short 3 Infantry Regiments for the Austrians even I used all of the Hungarians (only 2 present at Lobositz) which is a bit of a pain.
13th IR, 17th IR, 20th IR
I managed to get a decent "furl" on my colours by using Loctite and shaping whilst dried. With Lobositz being the first battle of the war I'm going to keep the colours intact rather than shredding them as I would further in or with larger models. I picked whether to chose the "Leib" or "Regimental" colour purely on which one stood out most.
6 Regiments of Infantry backed by 2 Grenadier Regiments
I've also got the artillery done and I think it looks good - I've removed a member off one of the battalions (its not as if it looks short) to use as part of a command stand. When I do the bases on these I'll add some extra fences and things as well as wheel ruts.
I thought I'd get a picture showing where I'm up to - to be honest it doesn't do justice, I've done work on most of the rest of the Prussians.
The Army so far (Kuirassiers to right, solitary unit of Hussars to rear)
To recap I still need the following to finish up for Lobositz (besides painting what I have already):
  • 1 Pack Austrian Infantry
  • 1 Pack Prussian Kuirassiers
  • 1 Pack Generals
  • At least 2 packs of 3"x 1.5" bases (not sure how many I have left)
  • 1 pack 1.5"x 1.5" bases for Grenzers
  • Bases for command Stands
See how much this will cost (don't think a huge amount) after I've paid for massed family birthdays as well as mother's day (fortunately already got one of these decided upon with order sat ready to confirm on pay day!

This weekend I'm hoping to play DnD with a group I mentioned and we recorded our session (although I'm not sure who has it). We may be a member down so Schy'yrk may get a run out after I was unable to join in that game :( as a guide? to the party.

Friday, 17 February 2017


So got a couple of bits painted up for the Prussians. I'm getting there and hope to get another couple of Infantry Regiments or Dragoon Regiments painted this weekend as well as the other 2 Artillery units.

In future I will use the single gun stand to represent a Battery whilst the double gun is a battalion. However, at Lobositz there are 4 artillery battalions and I only have 6 gun models so the 2 battalions will be the 2 heavy artillery battalions whilst the single ones will represent the field battalions.

Painted: 17/32 (Over half way!)

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentine's Day

So it's the 14th February, the day predescribed to show the one you're with how much you care etc. I'm no good at showing that stuff and I tend to show it at random indeterminate times and certainly not enough. But hey, enough about that - today's entry.
Seen on Facebook
As a matter of point - I just had a look at on this day and frankly its a depressing day - the majority of events are not pleasant (e.g Bombing of Dresden) although if you're looking for a games night with your other half (good luck with that one) - there was always the Battle of Cape St. Vincent back in 1797. Ooh found one - Bolero happened back in 1984!

Anyway, I'm getting there with Project Lobositz - painted 13/32 stands of my Prussians of what I have although I need another pack of Kuirassiers. I've also finally got some bronze paint so the artillery can get done and hopefully should be a quick job.
Prussian Field Pieces

Prussian Artillery Uniform
Again got to thank those at Kronoskaf for their collection of data. It's truly incredible everything they've collected.

Just need to find a job where I can use these research skills to good use.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Lobositz Update

Not much exciting to show but I am moving forward with the Lobositz project as well as slowly moving with Fallschirmjager force.

The fallschirmjager now have a Kettenkrad, 28mm AT gun and an MG42 on a tripod constructed and undercoated. So for now the force is all together - just need to finish painting it all up.

For Lobositz I have a map, Volley and Bayonet orbats which I have in full detailed format, simplified format and have now made labels to put on bases. I need to colourise these and print on a colour printer but I'm happy with the formatting on them.

Prussian Infantry
Painting wise I have now done the following:
  • 6 Infantry Regiments
  • 2 Combined Grenadier Regiments (1 half needs brass fronts painting on helmets)
  • 6 Kuirassier Regiments
  • 1 Hussar Regiment
Still to paint for Prussians:
  • 6 Infantry Regiments
  • 2 Combined Grenadier Regiments
  • 3 Dragoon Regiments
  • 2 Hussar Regiments
  • 6 Artillery Batteries (Undecided on basing)
  • Command Stands
Still need but not got for Prussians:
  • 3 Kuirassier Regiments
On top of that I've got my Austrians (and Hungarians) to paint.

I may well need more standard bases - I will need some skirmish bases for Austrian Grenzers as well as whatever I'm going to base commanders on.

Other things to do:
  • 10 village bases (9 wood, 1 stone) - probably just bigger than 3"x3"
  • 1 chapel sector (big enough to fit skirmish base)
  • Roads (including sunken road section)
  • 6 Single and 4 Double Vineyard Sections (probably just bigger than 3"x3")
  • Major River (Elbe)
  • Stream (and ponds)
  • Colourised and Laminated Order of Battles
  • Colourised and Laminated Maps (For deployment)
  • Colourised and Laminated Quick Play Rules