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Wednesday, 2 December 2015


So continuing the boardgame theme, me and JT decided to go for a bit of Carcassonne which we haven't played in ages! And mistakes were made - mislaid tiles, poor investment (in farmers) and generally poor stategy led to two games where we in turn blew each other out by 30+ points. So need to play a few more before getting the expansions involved. Intrigued to play the Baron expansion with some alternative gameplay.

Next - hopefully invite some alternatives over for some gaming time.

Monday, 30 November 2015


I know there has been a gap but I promise I've been busy. My German Cavalry is really coming on and should have pictures by end of week. If anyone has any ideas for scenarios in the Pripet Marshes they would be appreciated.
In meanwhile me and JT have been playing plenty of boardgames and at the moment Pandemic is turning out to be a favourite. For those who don't know its a co-op game, where we are part of the CDC trying to save the world from 4 diseases - and we did at our second attempt of the night. In the first game mind we lost when blue erupted - running out of blue counters and hitting max outbreaks on the same turn!
Yes thats blue in Buenos Aires.
Plans for future: Keep painting Cavalry, Frostgrave Warband, Vietnam Stuff. Make some swamp/marsh terrain. Try some new boardgames - need volunteers to join us for Arkham Horror and/or Game of Thrones.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Frostgrave Game 2

Bit of a delay but hey.  So ended up playing a Frostgrave against MD at the club. Didn't tkae many pictures and a week in past now but I'll remember what I can.

Again rolled for The Keep but this time there was just 2 of us - both with a games experience behind us. However MD had got a lot more from his game and his Summoner Warband frightened me with Templars and numerous items.

Again in pregame I rolled my potion so ended with a demon - which this time I summoned.
My warband sneaks forward
The game was close - his possessed Templar was worrying but I managed to keep myself in it through mass castings of strength and enchant weapon on my thugs which I was willing to throw away.

Demon confronts the Possessed, Glowing Templar
Eventually  (through annoying use of telekinesis) MD got 4 treasures and I got 2. Katla the Warhound died but everyone else was ok, I think MD just lost an archer. Fortunately I rolled amazingly afterwards and got 200gc and 2 grimoires! Just need to pick my 2 level ups.

Tonight will either be another Frostgrave or Crescent and Cross. And with my shed cleared - huzzah! Should have a mass sweep on painting - may have unearthed my 1941 German Cavalry Division.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Frostgrave - Game 1 (The Keep)

So I finally got a game of Frostgrave at the club. Really enjoyed the game despite the apparent randomness of the scenario. Sorry about the slightly weird finish to the images - new tablets camera isn't great.

I don't have the warband lists available but mine was made up as such;
The Keep

Baldr the Enchanter
Hjalgrim (His apprentice)
Thug x 2

Advancing through the ruins.
I figured that with no-one boosted up etc it would be best to go for quantity rather than quality and then using my ranged fighters combined with the Grenade spell I'd sit back and see how it went. With "The Keep" scenario dictating there would only be 6 treasure on the table I also figured that I'd just try and keep the treasure on table whilst other warbands were whittled down whilst I tried to learn my spells and abilities. My Man of the Match was definitely my Infantryman - despite being blinded he managed to get his treasure off table and with random swings of his Halberd decapitated 2 enemy soldiers!

It kind of worked - I mean I had few casualties (except for my wizard who was glowing and hit by many arrows and spells). And both him and my wiped out thug fully recovered. And I got a treasure off.

To be honest I would make a few changes to how we played. I think the long range sniping and some of the horrendous area effect attacks would be reduced in potency if we really made it claustrophobic - narrow streets and ruins really closed up - I think this would also add to the usefulness of the more subtle magic schools.

I also think players need to more play it as the game intends - its a raid to get as much treasure and knowledge as possible - NOT a wargame to defeat the opposition in battle per say.

My warband was intact after rolling, I'd gained 140 exp, 50gc, 2 Scrolls. I've decided not to purchase anything for now and my level up has been used to improve my grenade spell by 1 (as its my only offensive spell).

Alternative perspective from Roger (who played an Illusionist) as well as his results:

"My warband was well beaten up. Most of the casualties came from archery and elemental balls, but ultimately I only lost one dead thug. In compensation, my wizard gained 80 experience, 40gc and some Boots of Speed.

I’m still pondering my insights, but there is a definite trade-off between keeping your warband together for efficiency of activation and vulnerability to area-effect spells. Elemental Ball was particularly devastating, taking out my apprentice who was completely hidden from the caster behind a building at the time. After that, my ability to respond to events was severely curtailed.

Also, multiple players makes for a very chaotic and brutal game. With four warbands in such a small space it was so long between phases that it was almost impossible to develop any strategy other than simply reacting to events, and quite possible to be simply overwhelmed without having any chance to respond.  No problem with that per se, but if we were playing a long campaign I wouldn’t want most of the games to be like that.

But I enjoyed it as a first time out, and will certainly come back for more!"

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Eldritch Horror, And General Update

So still haven't got internet at home .... grrrr! SO still no pictures. However I'm going to try and remedy this soon. Last night 5 of us had a go at Eldritch Horror at Lancaster Wargames Club. I've played Elder Sign loads, and I own Arkham Horror (although I've still not dared to give it a go tbh) as well as a copy of the Necronomicon.
Was good - the mechanics worked really well and it was a good fun game mixed in with discussions of Frostgrave (game report in a couple of weeks). We were facing Azathoth and although we ran out of time had nearly completed 2 of the 3 challenges to defeat him. Love the condition cards - especially when I flipped an agreement condition to discover that another player was dead - no save - just dead, handily dropping all her items right next to me.

Definitely one I will consider getting myself in the future.

Next week will be another practice game of Savage Worlds and I will try to get some pictures up.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Tour of Darkness - 1st Game Review

So last night I played a quick throw down game to practice the combat system of Savage Worlds with Alex and Jon. First thoughts; really enjoyed the rules - right balance between rapidity of play and individuality of characters. Long range combat is slow (as it should be) and close range is deadly (especially M79 grenades).

However unless we were doing something really wrong, deviation for area weapons seems ridiculous; we had grenades deviate 18" long on a long throw so effectively a grenade was thrown 102 yards! And an RPG was fired at right angles to the intended target!

Also I need to make some quick play sheets - the index/contents aren't the best (or existent) in either book so much going back and forth was going on.

The session ended with Alex and Jon making their initial characters and discussions of other things to get and do. Buildings/terrain are priorities as is some vehicular support. It will take me some time but my aim is to eventually be able to field a platoon of US Grunts having optional supports of:
UH-1 Huey
M48 Patton
M50 Ontos
Anything else I need? Next week I'll be running another game - another random mission probably but this time with some actual role playing and a test run with Alex and Jon's characters.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Another Update

Lack of internet at home is really killing me on this and making it really difficult to post pictures - but I promise to get some after game tomorrow.

All the Frostgrave and all but a couple of NVA from my Vietnam models have been based and undercoated. Never really done 28mm models so any painting guides would be much appreciated!

Tomorrow, will hopefully be a practice game with a couple of the players to get used to the rules (without edges and hindrances). Models are unfinished but hey ho - they'll be done when campaign itself starts. May print off an M113 template to have a play with to - may have to buy one of these if turns out to be a bit of fun!

M113 Platoon (VUSBX07)
Flames of War M113 - Shame its 15mm!
Also for information for the players (and for anyone interested) I found a free version of the rules so people can get an idea of what is happening.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Tour of Darkness Intro

So I've got most of the basic models based and undercoated and have made a few plans for buildings. I have also started to put together the first mission plan as well as an idea of how I'm going to run the campaign.

As previously posted I'd like to re-highlight the outstanding response from Baker Company upon me having issues with some of their models - there was a response within minutes of me emailing them and a promise to replace the affected models.

The campaign plan is to base the initial few missions around a Squad sized formation with a load of new recruits. The player characters will all be newly recruited grunts who have just arrived in country and been attached to a seriously depleted formation. One player will play a newly raised 2nd Lt. who is attached to the squad to learn the ropes (due to the company having its full complement of officers and therefore being put in as a platoon CO).

So squad make up will initially be

2nd Lt (attached) - Player character

Sergeant - NPC
Rifleman - ?
Rifleman - ?
Grenadier - ?

Corporal - NPC
Rifleman - ?
Machine-Gunner - ?
Assistant Gunner - ?

May also have RTO or medic attached dependent on mission and support.

I am using the Savage Worlds gaming system for this campaign and taking my inspiration off Tim in Saskatoon, I will give extra bennies for characters giving backgrounds as well as official after mission reports and/or diary entries/letters home.

As soon as I get any of this I will post this. Any ideas or suggestions will be much appreciated.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Quick Update

As discussed I've started on my 28mm Frostgrave and Tour of Darkness. All of the Frostgrave miniatures have been put together and most models have been based and undercoated.

However quick grumble for Vietnam. The first models I got were from the Assault Group and are brilliant, good level of detail, various poses and minimal flash which is easily flicked off. Only problem is lack of Civilians and Medics to range.

Fortunately (or so it appeared), Baker Company provide both of these so the gap was filled. The medics were decent - bit too much flash but easily removed and nice poses. Casualties that came with lacked detail but to be honest not a massive problem. However the civilians were dreadful! Really big pieces of flash as well as what looked like the 2 halves of the models were not matched up properly? Has anyone else had these problems with Baker Company?

It really seems a shame - as I said the Medics are really nice poses - and I'd like to potentially look at the Urban civilians but not if others have had these issues.

Anyhoo, grumble over, I'll finish basing and undercoating the last few models and get a few pictures up on here shortly.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Frostgrave Models

As I've said previously, I play boardgames with my girlfriend (she really likes Pandemic, Lords of Waterdeep, Carcassonne) but I've never really interested her in miniature gaming. Then last month I read in Wargames Illustrated about Frostgrave. And after irritating her until she read the article, she seemed genuinely excited.

So I took the plunge and ordered a few bits and pieces to flesh out our forces. Initially I ordered the rules, 3 wizard packs (Enchanter, Witch and Summoner) and the soldier pack to build up the warbands. I've not got any 28mm models so this was a first step and I had nothing already painted to fill out gaps unfortunately.

Even more unfortunately, upon this lot arriving, we went about putting together our lists only for JT to demand a warhound! So I may have "had to" order some more and in turn ordered the warhound/tracker pack, demons, wolves, constructs and snow leopard/ice toad pack.

So just a little to paint up. So far I've been fairly productively putting together warband members (whilst planning a Tour of Darkness campaign and watching Supernatural from the beginning - for inspiration).
Shooters (without heads)


Infantrymen (without heads)




Treasure Hunter

Heads/Spare Arms/Other Equipment
Sorry for quality of pictures, wanted to get an idea of where I was up to but camera though otherwise. As I said before this is going at a reasonable pace and excited to play it.

Also if theres anyone in Lancaster area who wants to be involved in my Tour of Darkness Campaign let me know - I'll get pictures on here of these figures soon too.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

News of a Savage Nature

So for those in the know, I've just moved house - not been to the club in a while - but I'm back tonight. And finally have somewhere to paint! And arrange games.

First of all I've finally finished the commission I started a long time ago for a WW2 US Marine Regiment for Tarawa, really disappointed its taken so long but glad I can finally deliver it. Looking forward to games involving these in future.

For myself I  have three project running concurrently. Firstly I have fallen for Frostgrave hard! I've got a few wizards, the soldiers pack and the rules and these are starting to be put together. Its the first miniatures game I've been able to get the other half to be involved in so very excited to have some games of this.

Secondly, I have my ongoing 10mm WW2 collection growing and I'm determined to get my German Cavalry Division completed to play some early war games supporting Panzer thrusts or flexible defence through the Pripet Marshes.

And finally I have got more 28mm to paint in form of some US Grunts and Viet Cong/NVA to play Savage Worlds (/Tour of Darkness).
So, all exciting and I'll do my best to get WIP pictures on here ASAP!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Blast From The Past

Just looking through some old bits and pieces, I found a list of old orbats from the uni days. Which reminded me of the old club blog at Durham University. Got a couple of batreps on there and a few old thoughts. I've still got hordes of 20mm plastic Napoleonics somewhere.
Battle of Vimeiro
Meanwhile ongoing work relating to multiple projects is ongoing. Must paint more!

Also been playing many boardgames - Pandemic, Dungeon Boss, Fluxx and Zombies! All fun, all quick - and gets the missus joining in.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Wargaming Back on the Blog

With the revival of this blog, a concerted effort is simultaneously going to be put in on the Lancaster Wargames Club Blog with battle reports etc. And lots of pretty picatures - to wet your appetite here is the situation mid game.
Soviet Armour massing to breach the German Lines - Late '43
Any comments or queries will be happily received.


Monday, 2 March 2015

British WW2 Gliders

So finally getting around to indexing my current troops.

First of all here are my scratch built gliders for my British Airborne Division. Just a few matchsticks glued together, cut to shape make the glider itself.
Painted all in black then the top half was painted in dark green. This was followed with the brown before the white stripes were added. Finally I retouched up the black and added the black stripes on the white.

The models I feel are effective if not perfectly accurate. I use these for gaming with my 10mm models, although they are probably closer to 6mm or even smaller. I will eventually post the orbat but for more information on the Horsa and Hamilcar Gliders please click on the names.

Next time; 1st Brigade

Friday, 27 February 2015

Board Games

It turns out that I have many boardgames; many of which haven't been played with. To highlight this, the above picture is just a small selection of the games I own, as well as some boxes of wargames stuff. I'm going to try and review a few of these as I play them. I can't think of the top of my head all the games I own but from what I can remember:

  • Carcassonne (Plus 2 Expansions)
  • Pandemic
  • Zombies
  • Wings of War
  • Few Magic The Gathering Decks
  • Arkham Horror
  • Lords of Waterdeep
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Elder Sign
  • X-Wing
  • Munchkin
  • The Hobbit
  • DnD 4th Edition
  • Monopoly
Muchos Historical Wargames Stuff

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Return of the Dice

So its been over 2 years since I wrote my last post. Many things have happened; kids, new jobs, moved house.

And as have the ongoing projects; trench tiles are still (very slowly) going, WW2 divisions are multiplying and I'm even painting 28mm skeletons!

So stick around and I'll be posting pictures of my current formations, as well as WIP.