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Thursday, 6 April 2017

WIP - A Certain Drow Rogue

So I've posted a couple of times about Sch'yyrk Revan'tyl - well I've finally started with a fig for him (which I will also use as an Assassin in Frostgrave). The model came in the Nickstarter for the Barbarian expansion for Frostgrave and I've converted to be a bloke and also to be holding a shortsword rather than a wand. Still needs washes and highlighting as well as basing but here it is so far,

The mottled cloak with wolf pelt above - may have overdone the dry brushing on the pelt - or it might be the picture
I might repaint the under layers a darker colour - maybe even black. The sword will also be darkened when I apply some gunmetal.

I'm going to go through my Frostgrave/DnD minis and see if I have enough for a couple of 4 point warbands for SAGA - me and JT are really enjoying The Last Kingdom; Episode 3 really was epic - and it might be an excuse to get her into something different.

I've also completed a couple of Grenzer skirmish stands - more are following as well as Hungarians and Grenadiers.
Banal Grenzers
Austrians so far
This Sunday is the first league game for Morecambe Bay Storm, hopefully (signal permitting) you should be able to follow the score here.

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