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Friday, 24 June 2016


First of all, I voted in. And the fact that the UK has voted to leave both angers and scares me both for my own and my kids futures. But I'm not going to discuss my reasoning here - I'll just get angrier.

So what I am going to discuss is how I'm going to react. First of all I'm going to really stop procrastinating with life, this means more, more of everything.
  1. Accountancy course - at least one evening a week spent on this (preferably more)
  2. Increased painting - well more a clear out of my models - this will mean selling most of my old stuff which I'm never going to do anything with.
  3. I have long wanted to emigrate or at least live out of the country for a year or 2. This is for me and my kids to experience the world. I've always delayed and thrown up reasons why I shouldn't - maybe finally I have something to push me.
  4. More Fitness - so American Football, taking kids for runs etc
  5. More Ink - by that I mean some ink.
In other news, does anyone have any good resources for uniform guides/recommended rulesets for 7 Years War? Got a start on a Prussian Force in 6mm for this.

Monday, 20 June 2016


So I had a couple of hours to myself this weekend and decided to review what minis I had. And all in all wasn't a bad time productivity wise.

My bicycle battalion got there texture added to their bases ready to be painted, and a few other early war cavalry support assets got undercoated. Also decided to undercoat my Carthaginian Army or at least bits of it before the spraycan ran out - this is a project I started over 5 years ago - woops! If I get on with this I might - might I say - get a Republican Roman Army to face them.

In other news I also wondered if anyone had any experience with RPGs in a box. I've got a few actual RPG sets but its really hard to get the continued interest in people to come along and play and really get into it. I also really want to play for once rather than DM. So suggestions and volunteers please!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Withdrawal Symptoms

So I've not been to Lancaster Wargames Club in quite a while now (apparently its surviving without me) and I'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms. I still think I've made the correct decision and American Football is really clicking with me (Outside Linebacker/Safety/Aceback) and my team (Morecambe Bay Storm) are coming together.

Despite this I still feel the pangs of missing battling it out on tabletop (Rome Total War only goes so far) and me and the missus seem to be playing less boardgames for whatever reason.

I had a look at my 28mm Vietnam stuff the other day but I've not got the energy to run a Tour of Darkness campaign and I don't have enough for a full company action.

So I'd like to play a WW2 game at mine - I have scenery, a table, a few ideas and models. This is an open invite to the people of Lancaster (UK) to come along and play a game which could turn into a linked campaign depending on how it goes.

If someone has early war Russians or indeed Poles - these guys want a run out.