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Friday, 25 November 2016

US Lt. for Vietnam

Wanted to paint - couldn't decide what. 6mm 7YW was too much effort and I wanted to paint something and finish it. 

So I decided to paint one of my Vietnam models and get that project properly started. So here he is - my first finished US Soldier for Vietnam (I will use as an LT).

I promise I will retake the pictures once I've done a few.
This is an Assault Group Mini and I'm planning on using these for a combination of Tour of Darkness or Charlie Don't Surf. I like these models - easy to paint thanks to crisp lines which makes washes really work. Since then I've done 4 more and intend to crack on with a few more. (Will investigate orbats so I know what I need for Charlie Don't Surf).

Friday, 11 November 2016

Frostgrave - Standard Deployment (2)

Got some laser cut mdf building ruins in a bundle and we gave our Frostgrave warband another run out. We decided to just do another throw down game (although I'm determined to play some alternative scenarios considering I know have them all printed and put in a folder). Again the game was close although repeated use of telekinesis, teleport and leap really mixed it up.
Set Up
I really need to get some better pictures taken - also need a grey sheet or something. Anyhow this game really was a mad dash to run for the treasure, spells were going off left right and centre, although I've agreed to let JT rechoose her spells as shes currently got no offensive spells and far too many out of game spells (which we both forgot about). Before this I had purchased a tracker (as I had one painted), and having closer to parity on numbers really helped.

All in all I think we're both still enjoying it although I think we might give the Dark Alchemy campaign a go or maybe the new Ambronnax Campaign from the Forgotten Pacts book.
Roughing it out for the last few treasures
After all of that we both got 3 treasures, although Jade was a lot luckier with KO results having no ongoing effects compared to me losing my archer as well as a badly wounded Apprentice.

Blue Sapphire (Update)

Wizard Romanoff Apprentice Zito KO (Recovered)Elgiva the Archer KO (Recovered)Gerard the Crossbowman - KO (Recovered)Guy the Infantryman - KO (Recovered)Etheldreda the ThiefFaramond the ThugAnsger the ThugSedemay the Treasure Hunter KO (Recovered)Osgyth the War Hound - KO (Recovered)

Cast 6 Spells and Carried off 3 Treasure = 210 XP (460 XP)200 GC2 Grimoires - Steal Health, Elemental ShieldMagical Weapon/Armour - Magical Shield (+1)Base: InnL4 (increased 2 levels) (increase ?and?) 
Purchased 1 Archer (-50GC) = Current Gold 360GC

Gronn Flamme

Wizard Heimr
Apprentice Baldr KO (Badly Wounded)
Aylwin the Archer KO (DEAD)
Walburga the Infantryman
Wulfhild the Infantryman
Goldwin the Infantryman
Bathsheba the Man-At-ArmsKO (Recovered)
Diggory the Thug
Aslak the Tracker

Cast 8 Spells, Carried off 3 Treasure, 1 Kill by Wizard) = 270 XP (590 XP)
450 GC
3 Scrolls - (Plague of Insects, Imp, Spell Eater)
Magical Item - Ring of Protection (+1)
L5 (increased 2 levels) (increase ?and?)
Purchased 1 Archer (-50GC) + Recovered Apprentice (-100GC) = Current Gold 400GC

On a side note it also turns out that model ruins are great to get the eldest interested. Maybe not but can but hope :p

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Terrain Tiles (Part 3)

Continuing working on the terrain tile project, and today I have an update. I found a pack of 8 sheets of 2'x6' hardboard (which works out as 24 2' squares) for £52 to good starting point!

I have also designed the basic designs for 24 tiles as a combination of plain, streams, hills etc
Stream/River Tiles
I didn't want to make any waterways too wide so that they can be used for multiple scales. A such these are 1" wide.
These are for significant hills, obviously smaller hills can be added across any of the other tiles.
Coast tiles
Can be used as a three like this and have a wide front or use 2 and go deeper (on a 6 tile table).
Trench Tiles
These won't be as extensive as my previous trench tiles as they need to drop down to the same level.
All the tiles!
At the same time i've been rethinking how to make the tiles. Rather than base then polystyrene, I'm thinking of using a base sheet, topped by 1" blocks at corners (stepped back by the depth if the sheets) and another sheet on top (as well as strips round edge to fill gaps).  
Just add the top
For areas with depressions (streams, trenches), I would do the same but the top would be made of two board strips at either side and the gap would be made of polystyrene.
Stream design
Probably a delay on this going ahead as DW is getting married tomorrow! WOOT!!!
On another note I have got some mdf laser cut buildings for Frostgrave - so pics soon and I will hopefully get some more games in.