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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

3rd Prussian Infantry Regiment

So, was involved in a car accident on Tuesday evening, rear ended and still incredibly sore. So painting as been limited as sitting for long periods isn't great, having said that I've been reasonably organised so although I've not much finished I do now have huge amounts of stuff half painted.

Having said that, I always like to get something done so here is my first attempt at 6mm Infantry - painting in strips isn't as bad as I thought it might be, also a way to go quicker is to do the details and not be too bothered if you overlap on either an area you haven't painted or onto the base coat (in this case the blue uniform) and then do one last going over with a fine brush to do the blue again (really sharpens up the lines). Anyway as such here are my attempts at 3rd (Anhalt-Dessau) Prussian Musketeer Regiment.

Glue needs cutting back 

I also have got the 6 Cuirassier Regiments completed and they have even been textured - just need to decide how I'm going to paint the bases.
Moving forward we'll see how we go - Lobositz is still the target I think as a battle to make a force for but I may look at something else if I can find a smaller one. Austria will definitely be the opponents at first and then maybe French. Depends who else will play :p

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Plans and Commissions

So things are happening in life; kids are doing well, Morecambe Bay Storm's first game approaches and we're training hard. I'm starting to learn Java and starting a genuine saving plan with missus.

Yes I play with sleeves.
On the gaming front things are happening too, the other week had a session of DnD and recorded it - potentially looking to post this on youtube along with some artwork (hopefully) in the nearish future. Great fun was had and future games seem likely.

I also have undercoated the building you saw on the last post - I decided to put the gravel on before painting on this model then painting over and giving it a wash and dry brush - in hindsight I think I will leave the gravel until the end in future models. I intend to mass manufacture these with the intentions of selling them (part of saving plan).

I have got some of my models painted - some Soviet support weapons (120mm Mortars and HMGs) in 10mm, and some Prussian Seven Years War Cuirassier Regiments in 6mm. Once I've got all the cavalry painted I will post them all together as I want to do the bases all at once.

With regards to the Soviets, I don't think I'm going to be able to travel to play anytime soon so I'm looking at generating some solo play rules based on Spearkrieg - this will probably have to involve blinds, I think using a random deployment could work for 1941 on the Eastern Front with Soviet units in disorder and could explain some questionable deployments. Any thoughts - especially pertaining to support weapons would be much appreciated.

Finally, I also have plans to go through my old stuff especially my 20mm plastic Napoleonics - I have quite a lot of them - will either sell as a job lot or if anyone is interested in them painted I will do them in whatever scheme required and base for required ruleset as well.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Update (August 2016)

So I've painted all sorts of bits and bobs but aren't really massively moving forward with any. Really need to pick just one and paint that. Having said that - I've no actual planned games in near future so I guess its more about enjoyment at the moment.

To give you an idea of how disorganised my painting is at the moment I have painted the following in the last few weeks.

  • Soviet 10mm Armour
  • Soviet Heavy Mortars and HMGs
  • German 10mm Armour
  • 2 Prussian SYW Cavalry Regiments
  • My Gronn Flamme Warband for Frostgrave
1st Prussian Hussars
Both my seven years war cavalry and my warband still need their based doing as I'm undecided how to do them (hence why their pictures have "snow" bases presently. As such their official posts will come when these are done.

And now I have got back to scenery. I've got plans for a few different things for my Frostgrave terrains and once I really get into it I'm going to start mass manufacture to sell a few I think. Here's my first (single storey) ruin's walls.

I will also be making towers, columns, archways, wells and larger buildings until I can cover a table. I'm going to make them fairly generic so that I can use them for other periods (Stalingrad perhaps or Skirmishes in Hue for my Tour of Darkness campaign).

Monday, 8 August 2016

Soviet Armour?

So I needed some early war opponents for my Cavalry so I picked up a regiments worth of Russian Infantry to play as counter attackers or desperate defenders! I also got my order of turrets for my German Armour and I decided to spoil myself with some Soviet Armour (Including one of the most ridiculous tanks of WW2).

So first of all I'll start with what you've seen before - another couple of Panzer III Shorts and 2 Panzer III Long. I've got 4 more to do but I've run out of bases :(

Panzer III Long
Panzer III Short
So this will act as either a breakthrough or a reinforcement column to my cavalry force. Want to get a few vehicles (transport) and infantry and eventually build this up into a Panzer Division.

I will start mass painting infantry so I can at least get a battalion and a half on table (with lots of support elements) - again I have a shortage of bases but they at least have some armour support (one platoon of which is just silly).

T26s were (officially) deployed as part of a the Rifle Regiment Divisonal Tank Battalion (4 Stands T26 and 3 stands of T37a as per Spearkrieg). I really like the shading - not so sure about the markings - apparently this is an official paint scheme.

Finally I keep mentioning the silliness so here you go - a KV2. Pendraken models tend to be two pieces - hull and turret - but this is 3 for the hull and a huge turret. The detail is good especially the road wheels (better than normal to be honest) but as per usual with both of these tanks they are a bit squat.
Monster 152mm Howitzer - in 1941!
Definitely going to fall over - the KV2 could only traverse its turret on flat ground due to the weight of its turret!
So due to its serious issues (and not having the stats line in front of me) I'm going to make a couple of special rules for the KV2. First it is Unreliable  meaning that for every move order past the first one there is an additional -1 to command. Secondly it is Restricted due to its issues over the turret movement meaning that instead of having a 180 degree view it has a 90 degree view as below.

So here is the combined supporting armour I have collected for the Russians - not massively rushing to reinforce - most likely to just make a Rifle Division and stop.
Spot the odd one out.
You never know, I might get the infantry painted and a game sorted out!

Monday, 1 August 2016

Frostgrave Warband Green

So I first put these models together back in August last year and I've finally got a warband competed (well still need to do the bases). To identify mine from the missus' I've used green on every model (as opposed to the blue on the other force). Anyone, due to my Enchanter looking a bit Nordic, I've gone with that theme - cherry picked the helmets I feel match and even painted the symbol for Thor on my Man-At-Arms' shield. And in deference to my most recent guilty pleasure Acquisitons Incorporated my Warband is named Grønn Flamme.

Complete Warband
I do have more than 500 points here to allow for growth in further missions - I may need more as time goes by too.
Heidr and Bjarnn
Master and apprentice. My only slight issue with these is the rule where wizards always have a better fight value than the apprentice - Bjarnn is significantly bigger than any of my other figures.
Heidr and Bjarnn with all the things they may need.
This is the core of my force, 3 infantrymen who can really deal the damage - as I've stated I recently won a copy of "Into the Breeding Pits" and our battles may primarily take place underground - alternatively in the "Hunting the Golem" mini campaign. Ordinarily I probably would have taken a bunch of thugs and thieves for a normal game.
Infantrymen again - including a nice green scarf
I will probably go a bit more shooter heavy in future but for now I only have the 2 in my force, although I intend to get some offensive weapons for my Wizards.
Tracker and Archer
Really like this Archer model and how its come out - used a bit darker brown for his clothes and think it really works.
Tracker and Archer
Also really like how the wraps (can't really call them boots) and the quills look - I will get some better pictures once based.
Man-At-Arms and Thief
These pictures do not do justice - I really like my Man-At-Arms - so much that I'm probably going to build my next DnD character around him. I did the thief in grey with thoughts of making his smock mottled and sneaky looking but I haven't dry dusted the mottle effect on yet.
Man-At-Arms and Thief with his dirty sack.
So there they are - I hope to get my other warband painted asap and then I'll probably base them all together - I also need to get some monsters and things.